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Lee E. Ohanian
Associate Director

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Thursday, October 11

7:00 - 11:00Happy Hour
Rula Bula Irish Pub

Friday, October 12

9:00 -10:00Hubert Janicki, Census Bureau
"PDF icon Employer-Provided Health Insurance in a Model with Labor Market Frictions"
Discussant: Alex Bick, Arizona State University
10:00 -11:00Daniel Lawver, UC Santa Barbara
PDF icon "<em>Health Shocks and Policy Evaluation</em>"
Discussant: Roozbeh Hosseini, Arizona State University
11:00 -11:30Coffee
11:30 -12:30Johanna Wallenius, Stockholm School of Economics
"PDF icon Retirement, Home Production and Labor Supply Elasticities"
Discussant: Gustavo Ventura, Arizona State University
12:30 -1:30Lunch
1:30 -2:30Loris Rubini, Carlos III
"Deconstructing Firm Size Distributions: The Importance of International Trade"
Discussant: Natalia Ramondo, Arizona State University
2:30 -3:30Seon Tae Kim, ITAM
"PDF icon Corporate Credit Spreads and Business Cycles"
Discussant: Galina Vereschagina, Arizona State University
3:30 -4:00Coffee
4:00 -5:00Jorge Alonso, ITAM
"The Elasticity of the Informal Sector to Taxes and Transfers"
Discussant: David Lagakos, Arizona State University
5:00 -6:00El-hadj Bah, University of Auckland
PDF icon "Entry Cost, Financial Friction and Cross-Country Difference in Income and TFP"
Discussant: Ed Prescott, Arizona State University
7:30Dinner: House of Tricks

Saturday, October 13

9:00 -10:15Chris Herrington, Arizona State University
PDF icon "Implications of Public Education Financing Systems for Earnings Inequality and Intergenerational Mobility"
Discussant: Gueorgui Kambourov, University of Toronto
10:15 -10:45Coffee
10:45 -12:00Kevin Donovan, Arizona State University
PDF icon "Agricultural Risk, Intermediate Inputs, and Cross-Country Productivity Differences"
Discussant: Richard Rogerson, Princeton University
12:00 -1:15Lunch
1:15 -2:00Yan Bai, University of Rochester
"Linkages Across Sovereign Debt Markets"
2:00 -2:45Igor Livshits, University of Western Ontario
"Aggregate Fluctuations, Consumer Credit and Bankruptcy"
2:45 -3:30Gueorgui Kambourov, University of Toronto
"Household Risk and Insurance Over the Life Cycle"
3:30 - 4:00Coffee
4:00 -5:00Julio Leal, CIDE
"Labor vs. Consumption Taxes, under Imperfect Enforcement: Effects on Productivity"
Discussant: Cara McDaniel, Arizona State University
5:00 -6:00Kathryn Birkeland, University of South Dakota
"Redistribution and Access: Evaluating State Higher Education Financing and Student Aid Policies"
Discussant: Todd Schoellman, Arizona State University
6:30Bus transport to dinner - Pick up in parking lot next to ASU Bookstore
7:00 -11:00Dinner: Home of Ed and Jan Prescott
11:00Return transport to Tempe Mission Palms

Program Organizers:   Berthold Herrendorf, Arizona State University
                                 Todd Schoellman, Arizona State University