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Op-Eds and Articles

Prescott and Ohanian: How the Golden State Lost its Luster
The Mercury News, 07/11/16

Prescott and Ohanian: Behind the Productivity Plunge: Fewer Startups
Wall Street Journal, 06/25/14

PDF icon Soaked
Hoover Digest, No. 2 Spring 2013

“Arizona set to OK gold, silver currency”
USA Today, 4/20/13

Prescott and Ohanian: Taxes Are Much Higher Than You Think
Wall Street Journal, 12/11/12

Kid's welfare is key for our economy.
Star Tribune, 12/03/12

Theory and Reality in Europe
Huffington Post, 11/29/12

PDF icon Payroll Taxes Are ‘Regressive’? Time to Rethink That Idea
Wall Street Journal, 10/29/12

The Euro: Bad Idea, Poorly Executed, Hard to Fix
Huffington Post, 10/15/12

The case for supply-side tax cuts
Marketwatch, 08/17/12

Defend the Fed
Star Tribune, 08/11/12

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