Center for the Advanced Study in Economic Efficiency


February 17 - 21, 2014
Simona Cociuba, University of Western Ontario
Ananth Ramanarayanan, University of Western Ontario

April 15 - 19, 2013
Juan M. Sánchez, Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

March 26 - 29, 2013
Felix Tintelnot, Penn State Web site link

Feb. 18 - 22, 2013
Robert E. Lucas, Jr., University of Chicago Web site link

Oct. 1 - Dec. 31, 2012
Loris Rubini, Universidad Carlos III de Madrid   Web site link
"Measuring Barriers to Firm Growth: The Importance of International Trade" (joint with Facundo Piguillem)

April 14 - 20, 2012
Germán Cubas, Central Bank of Uruguay   Web site link
"Talent, Labor Quality and Economic Development" (joint with B. Ravikumar and Gustavo Ventura)

March 28, 2012
Arthur J. Rolnick, Human Capital Research Collaborative
"Early Childhood Development is Economic Development with a High Public Return"

March 27, 2012
John H. Boyd, University of Minnesota, Carlson School of Management
"The Social Costs and Benefits of Too-Big-To-Fail Banks: A "Bounding" Exercise" (joint with Amanda Heitz)

March 14-16, 2012
Carlos Zarazaga, Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas
Finn Kydland, University of California Santa Barbara
"Fiscal Sentiment and the Weak Recovery from the Great Recession: A Quantitative Exploration"

March 5-9, 2012
Michael Waugh, NYU Stern School of Business
"Different Trade Models, Different Trade Elasticities" (joint with Ina Simonovska)

February 18-24, 2012
Alexander Bick, Goethe University Frankfurt
"The Quantitative Role of Child Care for Female Labor Force Participation and Fertility"

November 7-11, 2012
Akos Valentinyi, National Bank of Hungary
Institute of Economics of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences
"Two Perspectives on Preferences and Structural Transformation"

April 25, 2011
Igor Livshits, The University of Western Ontario   Web site link
"Costly Contracts and Consumer Credit" (joint with James MacGee and Michele Tertilt)

December 21, 2010
Ellen McGrattan, Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis   Web site link
"On Efficiently Financing Retirement"

March 10, 2010
Douglas Gollin, Yale University & Williams College   Web site link
"Agriculture, Roads and Economic Development in Uganda: Development in Africa Studied from Macro-economic Point of View"