Center for the Advanced Study in Economic Efficiency

April 1-2, 2016 – Conference on Structural Transformation

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Friday, April 1 – McCord Hall Rm 158

12:00p-1:00p Lunch and Registration
1:00p-6:00p Afternoon Sessions – Chair: Berthold Herrendorf, ASU
1:00p-2:00p Joseph Kaboski – University of Notre Dame
Skill-Biased Structural Change
2:00p-2:20p Coffee Break
2:20p-3:20p Georg Duernecker – University of Mannheim
Structural Transformation of Occupation Employment
3:20p-3:40p Coffee Break
3:40p-4:40p Xiadong Zhu – University of Toronto
Structural Change and the Dynamics of the China-US Real Exchange Rate
4:40p-5:00p Coffee Break
5:00p-6:00p Rachel Ngai – London School of Economics
Rising Inequality and Trends in Leisure

Saturday, April 2 - McCord Hall Rm 158

9:00a-9:15a Continental Breakfast
9:15a-12:35p Morning Sessions – Chair: Todd Schoellman, ASU
9:15a-10:15a Marti Mestieri – Northwestern University
Endogenous Structural Change
10:15a-11:15a Akos Valentinyi – Cardiff Business School
Endogenous Sector-Based Technological Change and Industrial Policy
11:15a-11:35a Coffee Break
11:35p-12:35p Richard Rogerson – Princeton University
Industrialization Among Early and Late Developers
12:35p-2:00p Lunch and Group Photo
2:00p-5:40p Afternoon Sessions – Chair: Gustavo Ventura, ASU
2:00p-3:00p Diego Restuccia – University of Toronto
Structural Change and Productivity with Intermediate Input Linkages: A Cross-Country Analysis
3:00p-3:20p Coffee Break
3:20p-4:20p Radoslaw Stefanski – University of St. Andrews
Velocity in the Long Run: Money and Structural Transformation
4:20p-4:40p Coffee Break
4:40p-5:40p Timo Boppart – Institute for International Economic Studies
Labor Supply in the Past, Present, and Future: A Balanced-Growth Perspective